Apr 01

Introducing Diver-Link

Diver-Link is Van Essen Instruments’ compact, durable and easy-to-install telemetry unit that fits every well. The Diver-Link transmits data from our Diver data logger over a cellular network. Easily integrate Diver-Link into the Diver-HUB web portal for real-time management of site data, monitoring equipment and water levels.

Diver-Link combines a compact design with the latest 4G/LTE wireless technology. Configuration and management of the unit is easily done through the Diver-HUB web portal. Deployment of the Diver-Link is simple: insert the battery and connect the unit to a Diver. In the field, Diver-Link provides Bluetooth Smart connection to your Diver data logger, enabling you to program or check the Diver or download its data. Future firmware updates are automatically executed ‘over-the-air’, so there is no need for additional site visits.


  • Data logging and transmission
  • Compact enclosure
  • Lithium battery operated
  • Internal or external antenna
  • Barometric data logger
  • IP67 rating and magnet operated, Bluetooth Smart enabled
  • Over-the-air firmware update
  • Compatible with all Diver data loggers and cables


  • Always up-to-date without the need for data collection ‘in the field’
  • Diver-Link fits almost any well
  • 5+ years of battery life
  • Get the best reception with Diver-Link out of sight
  • Automatic barometric compensation: no post processing of data
  • Avoid water or dust ingress
  • Keep the Diver-Link up-to-date without site visits
  • Easily upgrade an existing Diver monitoring network to remote monitoring

Diver-Link - Telemetry made easy.

Diver Link

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