Diver-Office FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked questions for Diver-Office. If you have a question that isn't listed here, please contact our technical support team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Can I share the database on a network?

With Diver-Office you can share the database on a network. However, only one user can access the database simultaneously. To put the database (filename WHI.sdf) in a folder other than the default folder (C:\ProgramData\DiverOffice) open the config file DiverOffice.exe.config located in the installation folder (by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Diver-Office) with a text editor. On line 14, change the value of key SQLCE_DatabaseFolder  to the desired folder location, for example: <add key="SQLCE_DatabaseFolder" value="Y:\DiverData"/>, where Y:\DiverData must be a valid network location.

Is Diver-Office free?

Yes, Diver-Office is free to use for all user types, e.g., commercial, academic. For details, please refer to the terms and conditions that are shown during the software installation process.

How do I program a normal Diver to be used as Baro-Diver?

You can always change the type of the Diver in Diver-Office from Regular to Barometer, or vice-versa, by selecting the corresponding option in the Location settings tab. This setting is not programmed to the Diver.

Can I import external barometric into Diver-Office?

You can only read (Baro-)Diver data into Diver-Office. Please contact us if you want to import external barometric data in to Diver-Office.

I share one Baro-Diver for two or more projects. Do I have to download the barometric data separately for each project?

Yes, the barometric data must be downloaded in each project it is used.

Which manual measurement is used for barometric compensation?

The most recent (date and time) manual measurement is used for compensation.

Can I use a manual measurement for more than one barometric compensation?

No, the manual measurement can only be used for barometric compensation if it falls within the time span of both the Diver and Baro-Diver time series.

However, once a barometric compensation has been done a «calculated cable length» will appear in the Location settings window. Check the radio button for «calculated cable length» field and the result is that the initial barometric compensation will be used for any following compensation.

Can I calculate the depth to water from the top of casing as a positive number?


Yes, you can. If you choose the center option of the barometric compensation «Water level with respect to top of casing» the water level will be negative if the water level is below the top of casing.

If you want to have the inverse: the water level will be positive if the water level is below the top of casing, you must set the top of casing value in the Location settings tab to zero. Then you choose the right compensation method «Water level with respect to vertical reference datum.

After I programmed a Diver the information in the Diver settings tab did not change. Why?

The information in the Diver settings tab will only be updated once a Diver is programmed and started.

How can I backup/restore the database?


Diver-Office does not have a database backup/restore feature. The database file must be copied manually.
The database is a single file named WHI.sdf that is located in the folder:

  • Windows 8: C:\ProgramData\DiverOffice
  • Windows 7/Vista: C:\ProgramData\Application Data\DiverOffice or C:\ProgramData\DiverOffice
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DiverOffice

Please note that the folder Application Data is a hidden folder.
Make a copy of the WHI.sdf file to backup the database.
Copy the WHI.sdf file to the folder corresponding to your operating system to restore the database.

If the previous steps did not work then refer to the following document outlines in detail how to backup/restore a Diver-Office database:

Diver-Office Backup and Restore the Database

After I installed Diver-Office the Diver-Gate(M) does not work?

The driver for the Diver-Gate(M) is not installed with Diver-Office. In most cases the driver will be automatically installed once the Diver-Gate(M) is connected to your computer. This may take a few minutes.

In case the driver is not installed automatically you can download the Diver-Gate(M) driver and view the installation instructions for:

How can I change the units in Diver-Office?

Diver-Office has the following units to choose from:

  • pressure / length: centimeter, meter, inch, foot
  • temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit

To change the units click on Preferences > Units. From the menu select the units of your choice and click the Save button.

How does the barometric compensation work?


When Diver-Office is installed there are also some example files installed. You can use these example files for an exercise on barometric compensation. Click here to download a pdf file of the exercise.