Diver-NETZ is a complete wireless system for managing groundwater monitoring networks.

  • Dramatically improve data collection efficiency
  • Simplify groundwater monitoring workflows
  • Gain a complete understanding of groundwater conditions

From wireless field data collection and recording, to project execution in the office, Diver-NETZ is a complete network of first-class technologies that integrates superior field instrumentation with the industry's latest wireless communication and data management capabilities. All Diver-NETZ components are designed to streamline project workflows, enabling you to effectively manage your groundwater resources for the long-term.


The Diver-NETZ Advantage

  • Improve efficiency by up to 85% by collecting field data wirelessly from multiple wells
  • Safely collect data wirelessly in areas where wildlife or environmental hazards may pose a safety risk
  • Achieve precise measurements of groundwater levels, temperature and conductivity with reliable Diver dataloggers
  • Install effortlessly in virtually any environment and in most monitoring wells
  • Simplify project workflows by automatically processing monitoring data
  • Manage, analyze, visualize, and report your monitoring data using user-friendly desktop software and/or a secure online portal.

Diver-NETZ eliminates many tasks typically required for manual data collection. Compared to traditional methods of data collection, Diver-NETZ can be up to 85% more efficient


Diver-NETZ Case Study

The Municipality of Heusden in The Netherlands recently upgraded its groundwater monitoring network with the Diver-NETZ wireless groundwater monitoring system. By adopting the Diver-NETZ system, the Municipality reduced the number of field visits from 26 to only 2 times per year, which reduced operational costs by 97%.

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