Diver-Office 2017

Program, download data, compensate and export datalogger data

Program Diver dataloggers and download measurements onto your PC. Export the data to a spreadsheet or modeling program. Diver-Office® is a flexible “project-based” measurement software package designed for exchanging Diver data. Diver-Office is easy-to-use and has an intuitive user interface.

  • Start/Stop/Read/Program Diver dataloggers
  • Calibrate CTD-Divers
  • Barometric compensation
  • Export monitoring data to CSV file format (Excel)
  • Units: Metric & U.S.
  • 7 languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish


What's New

What's New in Diver-Office 2017

The following new features are available in Diver-Office 2017:

  • Support for the TD-Diver (DI8xx) added, e.g. read data fast, read backup data.
  • Show Diver model number, e.g. DI802, in the Diver window and the Diver settings tab from the project tree.
  • In the Diver window the Diver model for a Baro-Diver is now shown as 'Baro-Diver' instead of 'Mini-' or 'TD-Diver'.
  • In Diver window hide the 'Calibrate' and 'Calibration History' button if not a CTD-Diver is connected.
  • Added Sleep mode feature for Diver-DXTs to Diver-Gate(M) window.
  • Improved speed at which the list of Divers is build up in the Diver-Gate(M) window.
  • Show Diver-Office user poll two months after installation of Diver-Office.
  • Download New Data feature now stores the most recent data download information in the Diver. Therefore, if with the next round of data collection a different computer is used it is still possible to download only the newly captured data.
  • In the Diver window the pressure range is now shown in 'mH2O' or 'ftH2O' depending on selected length unit: meter, centimeter --> mH2O; feet, inch --> ftH2O.
  • Program UTC offset in Diver when Diver is started.
  • Smoother zooming in the time series graph.