Secure, remote access to your groundwater monitoring data 

Diver-HUB®is an easy-to-use, cloud-based web portal delivering centralized and secure access to your groundwater monitoring data from anywhere in the world - allowing you to manage groundwater monitoring data in real-time on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Diver-HUB analyzes Diver datalogger time-series, and creates interactive maps and graphs based on your monitoring data, effectively keeping track of all hardware deployed in the field, and supporting the overall management of your network.

Diver-HUB works in conjunction with Diver-NETZ wireless groundwater monitoring system. To learn more, please visit the Diver-NETZ page. Besides wireless groundwater monitoring, Diver-HUB also supports traditional data collection with Diver dataloggers.


What's New

What's New in Diver-HUB 2016

The following new features are available in Diver-HUB 2016:

  • Intuitive maps:
    A full screen map provides a spatial overview of all locations and monitoring points in different projects. Multi-colored map markers indicate notification levels for each monitoring point, providing a quick status overview. Additionally, information regarding well construction, hydrology, water levels, and hardware are displayed clearly on the map. Locations can be clustered visually to simplify and organize your data efficiently. Clients in the Netherlands can access all meteorology stations via the Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI) on the map, and display the associated barometric and precipitation data.
  • Interactive graphs and dashboards:
    Diver-HUB’s powerful graphing, charting and dashboards make the integration, analysis and comparison of your different data sources simple to understand. Diver data, monitoring point metadata, and diagnostic equipment data (battery level, signal strength, memory capacity) are all displayed in interactive graphs keeping the user aware of the latest information.
  • Flexible data import and export:
    Multiple templates are available to easily import metadata and allow users to setup and manage all their projects. All metadata is time-stamped and can reflect all possible changes in the field, and over time. Important project documentation like reports and timelines can be uploaded to Diver-HUB and shared between different users. Finally, Diver-HUB allows a wide range of exports for uncompensated Diver data, diagnostic data and water levels.
  • Online notifications:
    Alarms can be set to alert users about potential hardware, communication, and performance issues or concerns. Alarms limits and flags allow users to create/follow-up-on event notifications for pressure, temperature, electrical conductivity, and water level data.
  • Control user roles and access rights:
    User rights and roles can be assigned to users for specific projects in Diver-HUB, allowing different users to have adequate permissions levels. Predefined roles are available but a local administrator can also create their own roles to completely customize Diver-HUB to the requirements of each user.