CPR-6 Water Level Indicator 



CPR-6 Water Level Indicator

The CPR-6 is a light and compact unit. It consists of a tape reel, a graduated tape, a control panel and a probe. Visual and audible signals are emitted when the probe comes in contact with water.

Control Panel: All models are supplied with a control panel having a full complement of standard accessories. The indicator light provides a clear visual and audible signal when the probe gets in contact with water. The on/off sensitivity switch ensures optimum battery life and allows the operator to compensate for variations in the conductivity of saline or contaminated water.

Probe: The probe is specifically designed for either static or water well drawdown measurements. The brass electrode is recessed within a fluted tip to prevent the indicator from sounding prior to contact with the static or pumping water level. A convenient holder is mounted on the reel stand for probe storage.

Tape : The flat tape is supplied with standard stainless steel conductors. It is covered with an extruded transparent polyethylene jacket.