Connect to Divers through Industrial Modbus Networks


The Diver-MOD is a Modbus interface for Divers and can be used to connect Divers to a RS485 network using the Modbus/RTU protocol. The Diver-MOD features a barometric sensor, which can be used to convert the Diver pressure in to a water level.

A typical Modbus configuration is depicted in the figure below. In the schematic two Diver-MODs are connected to a PC/PLC. This connection includes both data communication and power. The maximum Modbus cable length depends on the baud rate, the cable, the network configuration (2-wire or 4-wire), etc. A maximum length of 1000 meters can be achieved using the right components.

 Diver-MOD system

For more information visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for the Diver-MOD.