Diver Copper Shield

Protect CTD-Divers from Bio-Fouling


  • Lower maintenance intervals
  • Reduce algae growth on the conductivity sensor
  • Improve conducitivity readings
  • Simple to use.

What is bio-fouling?

Bio-fouling is the undesirable accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae, or animals on wetted structures. This is especially prominent in surface water monitoring in warm environments. Bio-fouling causes an algal growth on the electrodes of the CTD-Diver. This may affect the conductivity readings and increases the need for maintenance. Removing the biological materials from the electrodes can be damaging over a prolonged period of time and increase time spent in the field.


Diver Copper Shield

There are many methods that can be used to prevent and remove the bioaccumulations. However, these methods can be expensive and detrimental to the environment. There is a lesser known natural solution that is a good match for the CTD-Diver and is effective at reducing the development of microorganisms. van Essen Instruments has developed a copper coil shield that will significantly reduce the growth of algae on the electrodes. Thus reducing the need for maintenance and decreasing the time spent on site.



  • Surface water (freshwater or saltwater)
  • Tidal, salt flats/estuaries
  • Septic or wastewater applications
  • Landfills
  • Seawater (mooring) installations
  • Aquaculture facilities
  • aquariums and some groundwater wells

Device Dimensions (mm)