Connect the Reading Unit to a USB port on a computer to program the Diver data logger.

Quick and easy data downloading with a Diver deployed on a data cable.

The Interface Cable allows connecting to the Diver data logger deployed on a Diver Data Cable.

The Diver-Mate is a field device for simple and fast download of Diver data.

The Diver Copper Shield protects the CTD-Diver from bio-fouling and reduces maintenance cost.

The Diver-SDI integrates Divers with SDI-12 remote monitoring systems.

The Diver-MOD is a Modbus interface for Divers and can be used to connect Divers to a RS485 network using the Modbus/RTU protocol.

  • Collect data wirelessly at a distance up to 500 meters
  • Durable, reliable and suitable for all environments
  • Transmit data wirelessly to your mobile device
  • Communicates with deployed Diver-DXTs
  • Transmit data from the field to the office
  • Component of the Diver-NETZ wireless system