For the past four years the British Columbia Environment Industry Association's BEST Conference in in Canada has drawn environmental professionals from across the country for two days of technical sessions, networking opportunities, and a sponsor exhibition. 

Van Essen Instruments' Harry Samby attended BEST 2017 along with our valued partner, John Sankey from True Blue Technologies. "I was glad to attend BEST 2017. It gave me the opportunity to attend technical presentations and connect with environmental and remediation specialists. It was great to meet with new and existing clients and work with our distributor, True Blue Technologies."

For more information on upcoming BEST Conference, please visit their website



Captivating conversations at BEST

AZ Water Association’s 90th Annual Conference & Exhibition: A growing opportunity

Eric Coulombe, Sales Manager for North America was pleasantly surprised when he attended the AZ Water Conference from May 3-5 in Arizona. “I usually attend this conference in Arizona to connect with clients, both current and new. I was pleasantly surprised to find the conference had quickly grown from 1600 attendees last year to a whopping 2200 this May! I am grateful to have the time to meet with existing clients and to connect with many more new consultants, all while enjoying a dynamic luncheon and ceremony. Van Essen Instruments will be there again next year for sure.”

For more information on the AZ Water Association Conference & Exhibition, please visit their website



Luncheon at the AZ Water Association’s 90th Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs: Demonstrating the power and reliability of Van Essen Instruments

From March 21 – 23, almost 10, 000 visitors attended the Aqua Nederland Trade Fair. Van Essen Instruments joined the leagues of groundwater monitoring professionals displaying products and networking.

Van Essen staff connected with visitors to showcase our Diver portfolio, the latest technology in telemetry solutions, a Diver HUB Web Portal demonstration, and the Diver-MOD demonstration tools.

Sander Baseliers, Marketing & Sales Manager with Van Essen was happy to get the chance to meet with professionals across the groundwater monitoring business community. “We were able to meet up with existing business partners and learn about new developments and opportunities,” said Baseliers. “Almost 10.000 people groundwater monitoring organizations visited the fair; from suppliers of pumps and groundwater loggers to governmental decision makers. This gave us the unique opportunity to promote our suite of Diver products to a wide cross-section of professionals.”

For more information on the Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs Trade Fair, please visit their website



Van Essen Instruments connects with industry professionals at the Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs Trade Fair.

Introducing the Diver-SDI™ for Remote Monitoring.

Measuring recharge in an effluent dominated ephemeral river in Southern Arizona

Faster data download, increased efficiency, and the ability to retrieve data from multiple Divers: Meet the updated Diver-Mate.

Harry Samby, Business Development Manager for Canada, exhibited at the Remediation Technologies (RemTech) Symposium in Banff, Alberta from October 12 – 14. The symposium provided a forum for industry sectors that have an interest in the technical aspects of remediation of contaminated sites.

This year, Van Essen Instruments shared a booth with Oak Environmental, the local distributer for Alberta, and Frank Magdich took the opportunity to introduce Harry to Oak’s clients.
This symposium offered a great opportunity to connect with industry leaders. “I was able to make new contacts from the mining, pipeline, and natural gas industries,” said Samby. “I spoke to many users and potential customers from local engineering and environmental consulting firms.”
For more information on the Remediation Technologies Symposium, please visit the website


Van Essen Instruments at RemTech 2016
Van Essen Instruments participates in the 2016 Remediation Technologies Symposium

Van Essen Instruments is proud to announce the release the next generation of Diver groundwater dataloggers as part of the Diver-Suite groundwater monitoring technology. 

The TD-Diver is a totally new design which combines over 75 years of groundwater monitoring experience with the most recent technologies and components available in the market today. Available in 10, 20, 50 and 100-meter measuring ranges, the TD-Diver can be used in a range of environmental applications such as groundwater monitoring, mining and surface water monitoring. In addition to the TD-Diver, the Baro-Diver datalogger for recording atmospheric pressure and temperature was also redesigned and offers the same features and benefits as the TD-Diver. A selection of new features and benefits of the TD and Baro-Diver are:

  • Fast download speed so you spend less time in the field.
  • Solid enclosure makes for easy borehole deployment.
  • Large memory lets you take a sample every hour for 8 years.
  • Enhanced data integrity with the new backup memory feature.
  • The communication protocol allows you to retrieve data and real-time data from the Diver within your own software application.

Van Essen Instruments’s free Diver-Office software makes it easy to configure the TD-Diver groundwater dataloggers and manage the collected data in the office and in the field. Using a laptop or tablet, users can enter manual water level measurements, view real-time water level data, check the datalogger status, and share data files for analysis in spreadsheets.

Please download the TD-Diver press release here.

Download a high resolution image of the TD-Diver here.

Download a high resolution image of the Baro-Diver here.


From September 14th to the 16th, Van Essen Instruments exhibited at the AHS Symposium in Tucson, Arizona. Eric Coulombe, Business Development Manager for the US West, was very busy during the symposium. "The AHS Symposium was very productive because there were over 200 attendees from the region and surrounding states. The Divers were mentioned during the talk on Monitoring Equipment and that generated a lot of traffic at our booth which allowed me to touch base with many new and existing customers", reported Eric. The show was a tremendous success and Eric looks forward to next year's show in Flagstaff, Arizona!




Van Essen Instruments is proud to announce the addition of Geotechnical Instrumentation to its product portfolio! If you need a water level meter to take manual readings or you are faced with water levels which exceed 100 meters, Van Essen instruments can help you. Please take a look at our Geotechnical Instrumentation page by clicking here.



Harry Samby, Regional Account Manager for Canada , exhibited at the WaterTech Symposium in Banff, Alberta from April 6th to the 8th. The symposium provided a forum for industry sectors that have an interest in the technical aspects of water and wastewater management.

Van Essen was the exhibitor and major sponsor at the Environmental Tech Summit in Raleigh, North Carolina from April 10th to the 11th. The summit was designed to introduce engineers, scientists, and other professionals in the environmental industry to the latest software and hardware solutions available in the industry today. 

Van Essen Instruments and Waterloo Hydrogeologic are co-sponsors at the NGWA Summit 2016, in Denver, Colorado, April 24-27. Come visit us at Booth 3!

PNWGW 2016  

Van Essen Instruments shared a booth with its distributor, Stevens Water Monitoring Systems Inc., at the Pacific Northwest Ground Water Exhibition in Portland from March 18th to the 19th. Eric Coulombe, Business Development Manager for Van Essen Instruments (seen pictured on the left), made a lot of new contacts in the ground water industry from Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and surrounding states. The exhibition was a tremendous success and Eric looks forward to building more relationships in the Pacific Northwest for years to come!

EnviroTech Summit 2016 

Phil Danielse, Sales and Marketing Manager for North America for Van Essen Instruments, will be a guest speaker and exhibitor at the Environmental Tech Summit on April 10, 2016 in Raleigh NC.

This summit is designed to introduce engineers, scientists, technical and other professionals in the environmental industry to the latest in environmental technology. Phil will be giving an overview on the different types of wireless solutions available for groundwater and remediation projects between 1:00 – 2:30pm on Monday, April 11. 

To learn more about the EnviroTech Summit please visit:


Van Essen Instruments zal donderdag 31 maart aanwezig zijn op de beursvloer van de WaterInfodag 2016 in de Brabant Hallen in Den Bosch. Op de stand zal de Van Essen Instruments telemetrie oplossing Diver-NETZ en in het bijzonder de vernieuwde webportal Diver-HUB worden getoond. 


TRIECA Conference 2016 

Harry Samby, Regional Account Manager, Diver Monitoring Solutions, from Van Essen Instruments will be attending TRIECA 2016, 5th Annual TRIECA Conference, Brampton, Ontario, March 23 & 24, 2016. 

TRIECA is Canada's Premier stormwater, erosion, and sediment control conference bringing together some of North America's leading experts, influential leaders, and distinguished research partners in one event. Together these organizations have a defining role in shaping the future direction of the aforementioned industries.  

More information regarding this conference can be found here.


NWRA Booth 2016 

Eric Coulombe, Business Development Manager, Water Monitoring Solutions, from Van Essen Instruments attended the recent Nevada Water Resource Association (NWRA) Annual Conference in Las Vegas, NV, March 1-3.

The theme this year was to discuss current, key water issues regarding understanding, developing, sustaining, and protecting Nevada's water resources. The event provided a great opportunity to reach out to the 270 who attended the event and to broaden our brand in this important region.

More information regarding this conference can be found here.


Come say hello at PNGWA 2016, March 18-19, Portland Oregon!

Eric Coulombe, Business Development Manager, Water Monitoring Solutions, from Van Essen Instruments, and Stevens Water will be at booth #182. We'd love for you to stop by.

This is our first outing for this popular event, which is regionally focused on the Pacific Northwest (including associations from Alaska, Washington, Idaho and Oregon). This expo should give us greater visibility to contractors, manufacturers and suppliers, University staff/students, Drillers, and more in this part of the US North West.

For more information please visit:



From Van Essen Instruments will attend the Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs 2016 in Gorinchem. Visit our booth from March 15  to 17 on the water trade show of The Netherlands.


Van Essen Instruments, groundwater datalogger equipment manufacturer and software specialist, has launched the next generation Diver-DXT on March 15, 2016 as part of wireless groundwater monitoring technology, Diver-NETZ.

The Diver-NETZ system is a complete network of first-class technologies, integrating and linking superior field instrumentation with the industry’s latest communication and data management capabilities. This system enables you to wirelessly monitor diver water level loggers in the field right from the comfort of your office PC. Diver-NETZ technology will accommodate almost any monitoring wells, including wells as-small-as 1 inch in diameter. The Diver-NETZ system streamlines project workflows by saving precious time otherwise spent in the field, and also provides effective groundwater resource management tools, and improved data quality.


Fondriest Environmental has joined the Van Essen Instruments distribution network for the United States. Their location in Ohio gives them the ability to serve the Midwest and beyond for all Diver datalogger and accessory requests. Welcome to the team!

For contact details, please visit our global distributors page.

Eco-Rental Solutions has recently joined the Van Essen Instruments distribution network for the United States! The Diver dataloggers and accessories can now be purchased at their 6 locations in New York, Missouri, and California. Welcome to the team!

For contact details, please visit our global distributors page.

Van Essen Instruments is proud to announce the release of Diver-HUB 2016 on Feb 29th, 2016.

Diver-HUB is an easy-to-use, cloud-based web portal delivering centralized and secure access to your groundwater monitoring data from anywhere in the world. The solution allows you to monitor and manage groundwater monitoring data in real-time on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Diver-HUB integrates and visualizes all relevant monitoring data in intuitive maps and interactive graphs to analyze Diver datalogger time-series, effectively keep track of all hardware deployed in the field and support the overall management of your network.



Diver-Office offers the option to export salinity data to Excel. The salinity data can only be exported for CTD-Divers. This post outlines how the conductivity data from the CTD-Diver is converted to salinity data. 

Spring is almost here when the reporting requirements of Permit to Take Water kick in. Under the Permit To Take Water program governed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC), farmers are required to report annual water takings to the Water Taking and Reporting Branch of the MOECC by no later than March 31st. Diver water level dataloggers and the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association (OFVGA) can assist farmers in fulfilling the requirements as defined in their permit. 


[Nederlandse versie]


Van Essen Instruments is proud to announce the release of Diver-Office 2016 on January 29, 2016. 

The most noticeable new features of Diver-Office 2016 is its new ‘metro’ styling which closely matches the feel of the Windows 10 interface. Other new enhancements include:

  • Manual measurements are now shown in the time series graph so you can easily compare them to your Diver data
  • A new window for real-time data was added making fieldwork easy. You can view water levels and Diver measurements, enter manual measurements, calculate the cable length and verify consistency between a manual measurement and the Diver readings. Real-time data can now be readily exported and/or pasted into Excel.
  • Export Diver data to Excel including salinity for CTD-Diver data.
  • Import atmospheric pressure and temperature data directly from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) 
  • Import atmospheric pressure and temperature data from other weather stations. Supported pressure units are the standard units in Diver-Office plus "hPa", "inHg", "mbar", "mmHg", "kPa", "Pa", and "psi".
  • Search for serial number and monitoring point names in the project tree.

Please visit us for a complete list of new features and improvements: 

Download Diver-Office 2016


Nederlandse versie


Van Essen Instruments heeft op 29 januari 2016 Diver-Office 2016 gereleased.

Het meest in het oog springende kenmerk van Diver-Office 2016 is nieuwe 'metro' styling die overeenkomt met het gevoel van de Windows-10-interface. Andere nieuwe verbeteringen zijn onder andere:

  • Handmetingen worden in de tijdreeksgrafiek weergegeven zodat u ze gemakkelijk kunt vergelijken met uw Diver metingen
  • Een nieuw venster voor real-time metingen is toegevoegd waardoor veldwerk eenvoudig wordt. U kunt de waterstanden en Diver-metingen bekijken, handmetingen invoeren, kabellengtes berekenen en controleren of de hand- en Diver-metingen overeenkomen. Real-time gegevens kunnen nu gemakkelijk worden geëxporteerd en/of gekopieerd naar Excel. 
  • Exporteer Diver-meetgegevens naar Excel, waaronder het zoutgehalte in het geval van de CTD-Diver data.
  • Importeer atmosferische druk en temperatuur gegevens rechtstreeks van het KNMI.
  • Importeer atmosferische druk en temperatuur gegevens van andere weerstations. Ondersteunde drukeenheden zijn de standaard Diver- Office eenheden plus "hPa", "inHg", "mbar", "mmHg", "kPa", "Kpa" en "psi".
  • Zoeken naar serienummer en meetpuntnamen in de projectboom.


Ga naar de volgende link om complete lijst met nieuwe functies en verbeteringen te zien: 

Download Diver-Office 2016


Over 4,400 registrants attended the conference in Las Vegas from December 15 to the 17th. Phil Danielse and Eric Coulombe welcomed many visitors at their booth and many people dropped by to take a closer look at the Diver display. The show was a tremendous success for Van Essen Instruments and Phil and Eric would like to thank the hydrogeologists, engineers, municipalities, contractors and end users who dropped by the booth.

We look forward to seeing you next year!


The complete list of tradeshows Van Essen Instruments will be attending in 2016 can be found here.


We look forward to attending the following events during the first half of 2016. Please come and visit!


SME Annual Conference and Expo – Phoenix, Arizona, February 21-24, 2016

SME ACE is one of the leading international mining conferences that brings together the largest organizations and brightest minds representing the mining industry around the world.


NWRA Annual Conference – Las Vegas, Nevada, February 29-March 3, 2016


Waterinfodag Nederland – Netherlands, March 31, 2016


WQA Annual – Nashville, Tennessee, March 14-17, 2016


Aquanederland – Netherlands, March 15-17, 2016


Trieca – Brampton, Ontario, March 23-24, 2016

TRIECA is Canada's premier stormwater and erosion and sediment control conference bringing together some of North America's leading experts, influential leaders and distinguished research partners in one event. Together these organizations have a defining role in shaping the future direction of the stormwater and erosion and sediment control industries.


NGWA Summit – Denver, Colorado, April 24-27, 2016

Join fellow industry professionals from around the world at NGWA’s preeminent technical conference, the Groundwater Summit, which will be focusing in 2016 on “Solving Groundwater Challenges Through Research and Practice”.


EXPOMIN 2016 - Santiago, Chile, April 25-29, 2016


AZ Water – Glendale, Arizona, May 11-13, 2016


The Diver-MOD is a Modbus interface for Divers and allows you to connect Divers to a Modbus/RTU network. 

The Diver-MOD contains a barometric sensor, which collects real-time environmental parameters including Diver pressure, temperature, conductivity(if applicable), barometric pressure, and air temperature. The number of data points (records), Diver memory, and memory size can all be read. Additionally, the Diver-MOD can be started and stopped, the sample interval can be programmed, and the Diver clock can be set.

To learn more about this product and our complete line of groundwater monitoring instrumentation, please visit us here.

Come visit us at NGWA Groundwater Expo 2015, Booth 1502 from December 15 - 17, Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Eric Coulombe and Phil Danielse will be present, and would love to chat with you about our line of cost-effective and reliable dataloggers and accessories.

For more information click here. 

On May 18-21, Van Essen Instruments attended the Third International Symposium on bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies in Miami, Florida. The event brought together over 700 scientists, engineers, regulators, remediation site owners, and other environmental professionals representing universities, government agencies from approximately 25 countries.

Last week, Van Essen Instruments attended the 2015 Nevada Water Resources Association Conference in Reno, Nevada. The event consisted of the annual conference, drilling symposium and trade exhibition, all of which combined attracted over 600 water professionals from Nevada and the surrounding states. SWS was pleased to attend the conference as a Silver level sponsor.

Van Essen Instruments closed out last year once again at the 2014 NGWA Groundwater Expo and Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 9-12 . Attended by over 5000 groundwater professionals from government and private agencies, the consulting and engineering community, and academia, the annual event proved once again to be an excellent opportunity for SWS to visit and network with customers and showcase the latest developments in groundwater monitoring technology.