Apr 09

Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs Trade Fair

Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs: Demonstrating the power and reliability of Van Essen Instruments

From March 21 – 23, almost 10, 000 visitors attended the Aqua Nederland Trade Fair. Van Essen Instruments joined the leagues of groundwater monitoring professionals displaying products and networking.

Van Essen staff connected with visitors to showcase our Diver portfolio, the latest technology in telemetry solutions, a Diver HUB Web Portal demonstration, and the Diver-MOD demonstration tools.

Sander Baseliers, Marketing & Sales Manager with Van Essen was happy to get the chance to meet with professionals across the groundwater monitoring business community. “We were able to meet up with existing business partners and learn about new developments and opportunities,” said Baseliers. “Almost 10.000 people groundwater monitoring organizations visited the fair; from suppliers of pumps and groundwater loggers to governmental decision makers. This gave us the unique opportunity to promote our suite of Diver products to a wide cross-section of professionals.”

For more information on the Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs Trade Fair, please visit their website



Van Essen Instruments connects with industry professionals at the Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs Trade Fair.
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