About Us

Van Essen Instruments was founded in 1938 by Cornelis van Essen in Delft, Netherlands. Cornelis was an electronics engineer by profession and he developed an interest in the development of instrumentation. His areas of interest ranged from historical, archaeological, and geological research. From its inception, Van Essen Instruments’ focus of developing water related instruments never changed. In the beginning, Van Essen only produced customer specific equipment: sometimes only one, or sometimes just a small production batch of 5 units.  However due to the demand of standardizing products, especially in the electronic and mechanical domain, Van Essen decided to adapt with the times and change its business model. 

In the early 1990s, Van Essen began to offer standard water related equipment such as standalone dataloggers, which used external sensors and flow meters for open channels. One of the first applications in which their standard equipment was used was for pumping tests for one of the Netherland’s water companies. Van Essen was also one of the first companies to develop a tide measuring system for the Rotterdam Harbor. In this project telemetry was used, which was very advanced for its time and became a key milestone in Van Essen’s growth.

Van Essen’s location in Delft was ideal because the Technical University and well known industrial companies like TNO and Deltares were close by and quickly became repeat customers. A lot of ideas were generated with these companies and a lot of those ideas became principles which are still being used today. Since the deployment of the first Diver, Van Essen sold over 200,000 dataloggers worldwide. Its commitment to quality and performance has established Van Essen Instruments as one of the premier brands in the industry.  

 Van Essen Instruments facility  Newspaper 1977  Head Office 2016
Construction of today’s office in 1998 at Delftechpark 20 in Delft Advertisement Nieuwe Leidsche Courant in 1977   Head Office 2016


 Van Essen Equipment Van Essen Instruments equipment 
Early example of Van Essen Instruments branding   An example of some early Van Essen Instrumentation